Saturday, February 6, 2010

whatcha dooooo-in?

Yesterday I decided to REALLY deep clean Scoot's cage. Over the past year or so, all of the dog and kid toys that Scooter has gotten a hold of have been transformed into itty bitty shreds of stuff. Like stuffed animals turn into little piles of stuffing. Rubber balls turn into eeny weenie bits of (usually neon blue) rubber. So, I decided that a good cleanup was in order. I wanted to put down all new pine bark as well. So I go into the cage and a groggy just-woke-up Scooter sticks his head out of his barrel. "What's all that racket??!! Oh! it's you - food lady! What do you have for ME?" "NOTHING?!! NOTHING?! Why I oughta......"
Well, you can just imagine how disapointed he was when he realized I had no treats. The nerve of some people! So he proceeds to shadow my every move. I mean, like REALLY shadow- in my face and underfoot. PITA. Now I am squatting down, leaning over trying to pick out all the bits of shredded stuff from around his cage and under his ramps and shelves. NOT a comfortable position...and then.....Scooter decides that a better vantage point for him would be ON MY BACK. As in - standing on my back - while I am squatting down. Now, I don't know about you, but I truly do not find 30+ lbs. of jiggly raccoon trying to balance on my back a comfortable sensation. Especially while I am squatting muscles begin to complain...gym??!! I don't need no stinkin' gym! I have THE SCOOT!
nuff said. Sore muscles the next day.....

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