Monday, June 29, 2009

for Kami...

Just for you , Kami!

सी वहत हिन्दी लूक्स लिखे?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hot rainy days are good for sleeping.

Scoot wouldn't come out today.....Rainy days are meant for sleeping.

"I won't come out!"


So, he got lots and lots of ear scritches and chin scratchys instead of coming inside. mmmmmmmmmm purrrrrrrr

but then.......

" Hey wait! Where are YOU going? You can't leave! You have more rubbing and scritches to give!"
Well, being the sucker that I am, I had to stay a bit longer and give more scritches. (on my forehead: SUCKER)
After I'm done, I clean up his "potty area", and rinse out his pool and refill it with fresh water. He REALLY loves his pool. Really. He decided to come out after all, if only to interfere with me filling up his pool. Wherever I directed the stream of water to fill the pool, Scoot was right there in it. Trying to bite the water. Yes, BITE it. Crazy coon. I will get video of that soon, promise. As it was today, no camera was safe from the splashing water......

I don't care what goodies ou have under your sofa cushions. I am NOT coming out!

But then...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

cushion remover

Yesterday Scoot came in to play. As usual, he made goody rounds. First, he checked the dog food bowl to ensure it is empty. After Scoot was through with it, it WAS empty. Then he checked to make sure the pantry door was locked. It was. (glad I remembered this time!) Then, one by one, he removed the cushions from the sofa and diligently searched beneath them to uncover anything lost that maybe once contained sugar। Candy wrappers from the kids, juicebox straws, random cardboard shrapnel, it's all good to the Scoot।
Then.....the poor dog, she is a SAINT। The Scoot shows no mercy. Scooter repeatedly throws himself at her, butt first. Over and over. Poor dog...and we were thinking of getting a new puppy.....HA! The Scoot'd have it for lunch!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gators and 'coons and otters, oh my!

So, the other night, my son Robert (6) walks outside to feed the Scoot.....he comes back inside with BIG wild eyes and says "Mom, that's NOT Scoot!" So I respond, "what do you mean, that's not Scoot?" Robert says "LOOK!" as he points out the back door...and standing up on hind legs peering into Scoot's door, is a wild raccoon! Scooter wouldn't even come out of his barrel/den...Only his nose and eyes stuck out. He was like "WTF??? Who is THAT?" (seriously, the look on his face said it all) The wild 'coon stuck around scrounging food for a bit, but we haven't seen him since...
Then, this morning, my other son, John, (8) comes running in full speed from the back yard yelling "Mom! Mom! there's an OTTER in the canal!" I'm thinking, "sure there is..." So we all go out back to the tiki bar, and sure enough there is a Florida River Otter sitting under our dock! Mark and the boys fed him a couple of shrimp, and we watched and laughed for a while......while the dog went nuts..... Otters are really entertaining to watch. It is not very good video, but darn, they are so fast, they're hard to capture on film or in pictures...
And to think that just two weeks ago we had a pair of gators out back...wild surburbia!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


He can be such a little bugger....When he doesn't want you to do something, he "snarfs" at you...sort of a growl snort hiss. If you don't take the hint, he will bit you just to get his point across...owww

Day one!

Scooter the raccoon . Blond. Mischievious. Sweet. Naughty. Life wouldn't be the same without him! Now he's coming inside to play...