Thursday, July 30, 2009

window destroyer

Pleeeeeeeeease can I come in??? hmmmmm? I'm so cute and cuddly, you can't resist....

Hey!!! Wait for meeeeeee!
So, after comandeering the top of the kitchen cabinets, (for about 2 hours) The Scoot decides to come down....the hard way.....failing to realize that his considerable size (read : FAT) is more than the window curtain rod can take!

Made it!
So long, SUCKER!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Scoot came in today to play. He made the usual rounds.

Dog food bowl....

OOOOOOO grilled chicken! YUM!

and the water bowl...


After the food raid, he was REALLY amped up. Totally hyper. Ricocheting all over the place! He started climbing on everything, including things he KNOWS he's not supposed to climb on. "Damn the consequences, I AM CLIMBING ON THIS!"

So he gets on the bookshelf with the empty 55 gallon fishtank on top of it and climbs up to the top of the shelf, trying to get up onto the top of the tank. Nope, that won't work....too fat.....HA! I laugh at him for being such a fatty.

and with an evil gleam in his eye, his expression seems to say "mwuhahahah you'll never catch me now sucker!"


who, meeeee????

coon under glass?


fat butt!!! hahahahahaha!

ok, I'll come out now.

but only for food.

Aaaahhhhh....full tummy again. Muuuuuuuch better!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hot wheels in the grass

I have come to learn that lawn mowers really don't like Hot Wheels cars.

Especially when you run them over while mowing.

Scooter, however, was intrigued by all of the comotion and swearing going on out in the yard.

He does like hot wheels cars.

I think he just wanted the car for himself.

"Hey whatcha got there????"


"Can I have it? hmmmmmmm?????"




"Pretty please with kisses and hugs?"

what the hell. here.


ooooooooo such a fun water toy!"

"I liiiiiiiike water toys!"

"See? Cars are good in the water!"


Friday, July 3, 2009

Splish Splash!

I was finally able to video Scoot playing in his pool. Wasn't easy.......or safe for the camera!
Remember, I do this EVERY DAY! As I walk away muttering to myself, I cannot help but think "crazy coon!"

Funny, he never gets tired of it. It's almost as though he's trying to splash me on purpose...hmmm.....I wonder.......

Maybe it comes from when he was just a wee little thing..