Wednesday, January 6, 2010

little poacher

We have been bringing Scoot inside for the past couple of nights due to the unreasonably cold weather here. He still makes his usual rounds. Tonight however, he hit the jackpot - big time! He had been in for about 10 minutes when he got to checking John's backpack ....and voila! a cereal bar score! Now, I know that is is totally unrealistic to expect to get back anything once Scoot has gotten hold of it, especially something sweet. However, I thought I might stand a chance this time since the cereal bar was still in its wrapper. No such luck. Walking into the dining room, where Scooter was hiding under the table, Hula surprised him and I heard a snarf that sounded very much like a pissed off grizzly bear. I yelled "HULA! Leave him alone!" Hula calmly ignored my protests and proceeded to harass the Scoot, who growled and snarfed throughout. Growlhisssnarfsnort After Scoot ate the cereal bar, he went back to John's backpack and woohoo! a half eaten bag of cheetos. "come to papa"......

and again....

Time to go nite nite.

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