Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hot rainy days are good for sleeping.

Scoot wouldn't come out today.....Rainy days are meant for sleeping.

"I won't come out!"


So, he got lots and lots of ear scritches and chin scratchys instead of coming inside. mmmmmmmmmm purrrrrrrr

but then.......

" Hey wait! Where are YOU going? You can't leave! You have more rubbing and scritches to give!"
Well, being the sucker that I am, I had to stay a bit longer and give more scritches. (on my forehead: SUCKER)
After I'm done, I clean up his "potty area", and rinse out his pool and refill it with fresh water. He REALLY loves his pool. Really. He decided to come out after all, if only to interfere with me filling up his pool. Wherever I directed the stream of water to fill the pool, Scoot was right there in it. Trying to bite the water. Yes, BITE it. Crazy coon. I will get video of that soon, promise. As it was today, no camera was safe from the splashing water......

I don't care what goodies ou have under your sofa cushions. I am NOT coming out!

But then...

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  1. How do you handle his bites/scratches? At what age does this lessen? Will your vet in Florida vaccinate him for rabies/distemper etc?