Wednesday, June 24, 2009

cushion remover

Yesterday Scoot came in to play. As usual, he made goody rounds. First, he checked the dog food bowl to ensure it is empty. After Scoot was through with it, it WAS empty. Then he checked to make sure the pantry door was locked. It was. (glad I remembered this time!) Then, one by one, he removed the cushions from the sofa and diligently searched beneath them to uncover anything lost that maybe once contained sugar। Candy wrappers from the kids, juicebox straws, random cardboard shrapnel, it's all good to the Scoot।
Then.....the poor dog, she is a SAINT। The Scoot shows no mercy. Scooter repeatedly throws himself at her, butt first. Over and over. Poor dog...and we were thinking of getting a new puppy.....HA! The Scoot'd have it for lunch!

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