Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Scoot is a TV star!

Animal Plant came to our house and shot video of  the Handwerkers, especially Scoot, for a segment on one of their shows.  Scooter will be the star of the bit.  It is for a show called "Bad Dog" that is about how we love our pets unconditionally, no matter what. He could not have been more cooperative!  When he came to realize that the cameraman  coming close meant that he'd get a treat, he was super easy to work with, and very agreeable. "Candy??!!  SURE! I'll do that! Play with ice cubes in my pool? Yep! Chase this fish? You got it!!!"   He was totally awesome  :)  More along the lines of "When Bad Pets go Good" than anything else.
      John, Robert, Mark, and I were each interviewed separately and the boys nailed it.  The field producer said that the boys were very articulate, and they were a pleasure to work with.  They went over some of the things Scooter has done, like trashing the bathroom, killing the Betta Fish, stuff like that.  Even Hula Girl got into the swing of it, chasing and catching the frisbee on camera like a champ.  There was even a shot where Scoot was at Hula's back, and while Hula was wagging her tail, Scooter was batting at her tail each time it bopped him in the face.  It was just one of those spontaneous things that you're glad to get on video.  Through most of the shoot, Scooter acted like he was a trained star, an old hat at hitting his mark.  The video and sound crew were true professionals.  They really had the patience of saints. While we were shooting my interview outside, there was a near steady rumble of thunder...with every 3rd or 4th word I'd get out they would have to stop me, "wait wait, thunder- let's try that again".  Then it was the lawn guys down the street with the weedeaters and blowers....then it was one airplane flying over after another.  Saints I tell you.
     It was a long but fun, satisfying day.  Scooter got the last word in, taking off under the ski dock after the candy ran out.  Typical.  
Post script:  the show aired on July 21.  We watched it with friends while we were in the Bahamas.  Scoot was a celebrity!

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